Galapagos Island Tour

Your Customized Galapagos Island Tour

Are you anxious to begin an exciting and one of a kind Galapagos Island tour? Let the Galapagos Legend help you plan the trip you have dreamed about. You can choose onshore activities that cater to your interests, from a wildlife safari to a side trip to the fabulous annual Carnival in Rio, Brazil. As you stay on shore before and after your trip, you have the option of staying at a delightful boutique-style hotel or in a 5-star hotel setting.

No other Galapagos Island tour offers you so many choices for customization. We are happy to be one of the best vacation companies, giving you every opportunity to turn your next trip into the best one yet!

A Wonderful Galapagos Adventure

Your Galapagos adventure can be up-to 100 per cent customized. You can experience the best star-gazing in the clear atmosphere of Ecuador. We can also get you the services of local guide(s) who speak the language(s) of your choice.

This takes a little bit of planning, so we ask that you begin to book your cruise and pre/post-cruise land at least 12 to 16 months ahead of time. The cruises are in great demand, so don't wait until the last minute to get your Galapagos adventure underway.

Secluded Splendor

The Galapagos Islands are protected from heavy traffic by regulations that allow only 90,000 people (from all countries combined) to visit the Archipelago each year. We think this will only lend to your experience, as it keeps the islands from becoming too crowded and overrun with tourists.

You will be able to enjoy the islands in relative peace and quiet instead of trailing another group of people all the time.