The Galapagos Islands

Each island of the Galapagos Islands is unique. This is because of how they were created. The 4,600 million year history of Earth can be recreated in just 24 hours. The Galapagos Islands were formed within the last two minutes. The successive volcanic eruptions that created the 19 islands and 219 islands were over a hot spot on the Nazca Plate's seafloor. They were formed in the middle Pacific Ocean around 5 million years ago. They move approximately 5 centimeters per year eastward and are located on the Nazca Plate. This is why the archipelago's oldest islands are located 200 km east of the youngest, which are still above the hot spots. All the islands are therefore different in age and geological condition. Young, volcanically active islands are still being formed, while older islands farther from the hot spot are in various stages of erosion. Because of the different geological ages, elevations, and ocean currents that they have, each island's ecosystems, flora and fauna, landscapes, colors, and geology are all different.

It is a natural sanctuary, with its intact terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

Every island is unique. Few places on Earth offer the chance to witness such stunning and striking landscapes, as well as contrasting colors that are so attractive and appealing. They are home to many amazing geological formations, including lava flows from the past and present, as well as various cones and tunnels created by Earth's flows.

Galapagos Islands Attractions

The Best Way to Cruise Galapagos Exploration of Galapagos Islands

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